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rajasthan gk in english-NORTHEAST FLOWING RIVER SYSTEM


➤  The Chambal or the ancient Charmavathi is the only large and perennial river of the northeast flowing system and forms the largest river basin in Rajasthan.
➤  It takes its birth at an elevation of about 850 m above mean sea level in the heart of India near Manpur among the Vindhyas in Madhya Pradesh. 
➤  Running north for about 257 km the bludgeoning waterway enters Rajasthan through some awesome gorge near the historic fort of Chaurasigarh. 
➤  A little beyond, the river' turns north-east, flows past Kota and receives its three major tributaries, the Kali. 
➤  Sindh near Nonera village, the Parbati about 48 km downstream and then the Banas river. 
➤  Keeping up a straight course for 212 km it bends towards south-east at Pinahat and makes for the Yamuna to join it near Muradganj. The first 274 km. of the Chambal lie entirely in Madhya Pradesh,. the next 153 km. entirely in Rajasthan.
➤  Beyond Palia upto Pinahat for about 241 km. the river forms the boundary between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. 
➤  In its last lap of 105 km. a little before it pays fun' tribute to the Yamuna, it constitutes the border line between Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, the last 40 km. lying entirely in U.P. Till the construction of the Gandhi Sagar storage project, the total run-off of 4,193 mil. cu. m from its large catchment of 141,000 sq. km. was going waste. 
➤  In its total course it drops through nearly 731 m of which 244 m lies in the first few km. and another 122 m in a distance of 80 km. 

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